The Filthy Animal Crew : gtavcrews' Featured Crew

Nugsy 1

XBox One : Nugsy 1
So we thought it's about time we featured another crew here and several were short-listed.
In the end we went with these as it's about bloody time. They've been active here for ages...

Crew Leader : STN357

Congratulations STN357. As our latest featured crew, your thread will remain pinned for the duration.
You're already an Elite Member so I can't upgrade you but will help you promote TFAC here.



Undefeated writer
Sorry I missed out but I've been missing in action. I'm honored to finally get this but I'm mad you all caught me running one out on the closet!

Where do I start!? Nugs, other than why did it take me so long to reply, what took you so long to get me here!?

Much appreciated, I'm sure the other TFAC members will love to see this. It just validates what we already knew. Again thanks brother!
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