CotM The Killa Bunnies - Crew of the Month - February/March

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Sorry for the delay, but we had some major deliberation behind closed doors over this last snapmatic based CotM competition.

emerged victorious as February/March's Crew of the Month 2018!

Here is their winning snap :
Hot convict girls who just escaped from a prison transfer after causing the bus to crash.

Many thanks to all that took part and voted. There were some great entries!

If you didn't enter - You should have.
If you didn't get it this time - Worry not, we'll do similar next time.

Crew of the month winners get an interview (below), get plugged on Facebook, get Elite membership and stickied recruitment thread for the duration and if supplied to us, maybe a video on our youtube channel too.

Killa Bunnies Recruitment Thread Link
Killa Bunnies Social Club Link
Killa Bunnies Website

Read more about the Killa Bunnies below:

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gtavcrews asked xxxTankGirlxxx the following questions about her crew :

1. Where did you come up with the name The Killa Bunnies?

When I decided to create my own crew I wanted it to be full of sexy female characters who weren't afraid to get their hands dirty when needed. The PlayBoy mansion is in the game so I decided instead of Playboy Bunnies why not be the Killa Bunnies since we are hot chicks who kill.

2. When was your crew created?

August 5th 2017

3. What type of crew is your crew?

My crew is a mix of things. We like to have a different types of fun events that take advtange of all GTAO has to offer. Some of our past events include numerous themed car meets up such as movie/tv , Vice City and a Super Car meet up at the Playboy mansion. We also just had an air show and a fun scuba adventure meet just recently. Along with that we do themed photoshoots and different types of playlist.

4. What does your crew and the members do on a daily basis? Are you and the members on every day?

We have many members who are active daily. We have some members who like to partake in PvP and others who are just strictly business. So you can usually find a bunny on who shares your interest which is what I love about this crew. Basically on a daily basis we are helping each other make money, partaking in PvP or just chillin.

5. Does your crew stretch anywhere besides GTA? Any other games?

No, we are GTAO only.

6. Is your crew known around the GTA community? If so, which type (Competitive, role play, mafia, etc).

I don't know if we are known or not but I would just like people to know my crew is full of great gamers who just like to have fun and have one another's back.

7. How do you go up the ranks in your crew? (Representative, lieutenant, commissioner) and do you have any custom made up ranks you can achieve?

Basically if you want to go up the ranks you need to be active. I need to know who you are, have spent time with you etc. You need to be someone who I think would be a good rep of the crew. People in my crew know that I do not take promotions lightly so if you have been promoted you have definitely have earned it.

Well right now we have three titles that have been created:

BirdyCage is our fashion expert.
GingerWomble is our military expert.
King Waffle is our waffle expert.

8. What makes your crew unique from other crews?

I think what makes it unique from others is my crew is definitely a quality over quantity crew. I really do not care about numbers at all or having one of the biggest crews on R* social. I actually like the family feel that smaller crews offer.

9. Do you have any outstanding members you'd like to talk about?

Yes I do want to discuss my commissioners. Val has been an amazing commissioner, I am so thankful that he joined the crew, I do not know what I would do without Val. Then there is Scaryzee, he is a perfect gentlemen and while I know he is super busy with school he still does his best to make time for events. Spooky has always been supportive of the crew and has been with it from the start, she has a great perspective about things and I really appreciate her input. Last but not least BirdyCage. Birdy is our fierce little fashionista and she is always there for me when it comes to running the crew, I am so grateful to have her. Also I have to mention Almighty Chris. Christ has been a big help to me on the PS4 side, I am so thankful for all the effort he has put in and that he has been so loyal to the crew.

I also want to shout out to my LT's and also all my other members who take part in crew events and are active with the crew you all know who you are :)

10. What's your favorite car / bike in your garage right now?

My Deluxo at the moment but my all time favorite car will always be my Insurgent.

11. Anything else we need to know about The Killa Bunnies?

Just that while it is stressful being a crew leader at times I am so happy I started up this crew because I have met the most amazing people because of it. Basically the Bunnies is just full of good people who like to have fun and help one another, so if you fit that description feel free to join.

If you would like to check out more info about us you can go to our website:

IG Airassault54

'Roleplay Moderator'
It was a pretty hard choice but we finally came to a conclusion. Congrats Killa Bunnies on the COTM :p I have a very serious question. Are you all chicks or are you dudes that dress up as chicks online ? Honestly quite curious haha

Nothing against it because either way u guys have an awesome crew going on!


Speed typer
Thanks everyone this is really such an honor to be named COTM.

To answer the above question, my crew is open to both male and female gamers. We have a nice mix of both.

IG Airassault54

'Roleplay Moderator'
Thanks everyone this is really such an honor to be named COTM.

To answer the above question, my crew is open to both male and female gamers. We have a nice mix of both.
Just curious. It is still pretty cool though regardless. If u guys ever want to do any roleplays were always looking for female gamers to RP or males to RP as girls in RP.. Thats what we have a shortage of haha. I see your Xbox one and PS4 that is awesome just saying!

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Haha that is pretty good! How are you able to use the music like that? Like how does it not get flagged and stuff? I have been using all custom music and sounds
On your YT channel go 'Creator Studio' > 'Create' > 'Music Policies' and search the track you want to use. Use one word searches ATM because it's a bit (very) broken.
In most cases it will say "viewable worldwide, ads may appear". If not, don't use the track.
Led Zeppelin for instance won't allow any songs to be used. Many are "blocked in 249 countries" which covers us all.

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Whens the next CoTM? The last one stated about this time two months ago didn't it?
The next will cover April/May and will kick off soon enough.
The last was announced on the 18th, but that's not a set date. It goes up with at least a week for entries, so any time this week..... this space.
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