PS4 The Newbie Defenders - Taking back the streets of Los Santos one dead griefer at a time!




Former creator of the Gangsta Kitties mafia game now looking for new recruits to join The Newbie Defenders crew. Basically, I want to create an anti-griefer army of sorts. As a newbie to GTA online myself I'm sick of doing the money grind only to be wiped out in the last minute by some jerk in a flying bike.

I'm looking for like-minded friendlies who are up for defending other players when they are just trying to have fun in the game without the experience being ruined for them. I want to take back the streets and put the FUN back in Los Santos!

There are no special requirements, like making us your main crew or whatever, except that you must be friendly and tolerant of others, including myself, who are new and have not been playing the game for years. Simply join us if you want to help, or if you are are a newbie who needs help. If you are online in need of assistance then look for players with the "NOOB" crew and send a message or shout out if you need help fighting off a griefer.

I play in the Atlantic time zone, but hopefully there will be players joining from many other zones in the future. This is obviously a work in progress.

My PSN is "henryandliza", as my wife also plays on her account with me when we are in our dual TV game room.

That's it for now. Hit me up and say hi or what-not...

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Hello, my name is Manny. I’m new to Roleplay and definitely fit the criteria your are looking for. Let me know what I have to do to join your crew


Hello, my name is Manny. I’m new to Roleplay and definitely fit the criteria your are looking for. Let me know what I have to do to join your crew

Hello Manny! Welcome!

I now have the crew link at the top of my post, so you can simply click that and then join our crew. You can also send a friend request to my PSN so that you can message me quickly if you need help and we're not on the same server.

We accept anyone who is friendly and just wants to play GTA to have fun without fighting off griefers everytime they try to do anything. Griefers make everything frustrating and take the fun out of it, especially for newbies who don't have much for defense yet.

You are welcome to join us in the fight anytime. Thanks!


Thank you for all the friend requests received so far.

It seems by creating this crew I have put somewhat of a target on my back, as now when I do missions with other players some have shot at my vehicle and ran over me, even when we are supposed to be on the same team. Real classy.

My assumption is that griefers are A-holes trying to ruin the fun of other players, and the above behavior confirms that. I have no problem with a group of friends getting together just to have fun killing each other, as my wife does that often with her friends, but just don't do it to friendly players just trying to do the grind. That isn't cool.

At the end of the day, it's just a game. Have fun! Don't be a jerk.
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