The *OFFICIAL* GTA V Crews List


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Crew Name: The Dark Disciples

Social Club link: Leader Username: -Lesha & Bxphomet

Our Official Discord Server:
Crew Goals:
We are primarily a crew of friends who enjoy the combat aspects of this game, this means we enjoy try harding PvP, sniping as well as RnG. However, we are welcome to anyone who wants a crew to feel protected with as we specialise in defending our own.


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If you've got a crew reply below with the following info! All info is option except the Crew Name itself!
We need something to go by derp derp.

Crew Name: Hell's Angels MC Vespucci Chapter
Social Club link:
Leader Username: Dude-Henchman
Contact links/emails/game names for challenges & recruitment: Message Dude-Henchman on SC explaining why you want to and should be a member of the Vespucci Chapter of the Hell's Angels MC
Crew Website:
Crew Goals: Harley Riding, Money Making, Hell Raising, and most importantly BROTHERHOOD!
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