Xbox One Toramaru Bosozoku - Biker Gang Recruiting


Talking Troll
Want to join a fun medium roleplaying crew of rebellious bikers? You're in the right place! This crew is just getting started so we can build up together the future of this gang!
All players are welcome in our gang!

toramaru 1.png

A Toramaru member loves to:
-Ride around all San Andreas by himself or with the other members.
-Customize his bike and/or car to make it look GORGEOUS.
-Bully Los Santos and Blaine County citizens.
-Fist fight.
-Work with other members for common goals.

We don't have tons of strict rules… we still are rebellious bikers!
Our only rules are:
-Be loyal to the gang and other members.
-Don't go around killing casual players.
-Respect the gangs alliances.
-Help other gang members if they're in need.

To Join contact me, write a comment or visit our page:
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