Talking Troll
As y'all know, GTA V Online is getting filled with try hards and griefers.. I am running a military crew that was only established this month and the only member in it is me.

I hope to look for multiple military crew allies to be allies with against try hards/griefers in GTAVO PS4. I've been trying to take down as many try hards and griefers as i can in a session but always get overrunned/out gunned / out skilled. Because of that,it is time for me to get some help and i hope to look for crews to be allies with and able to have a joint operation to take down try hards and griefers in every session we play in.

Im active everyday and if you are really keen to be allies with my crew,please message GTAVAF on fb.


Talking Troll
Hi I'm the president of the United States armed forces if you want to be Ally with us my PS4 name jerm1129
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