XBOX 360 World War Los Santos Crew Battle Tournament!


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World War Los Santos Tournament

World war Los Santos (WWLS) is an auto aim tournament consisting of the top 12 crews in GTA! These crews have been picked and scouted by people that have been in the gta competitive community for a long time.

Crews chosen:
II The purge II
Notorious killers
l OnlyTheGreatest l
Kommon Killers
Nemesis Leaders
Vv Truz Gunnaz vV

If your crew is listed above please have your leader/commissioner register you right here!

WWLS Host: EazyWar

FFA Start: November 8th at 4PM eastern timezone.

Crew Battles start: Right after the FFA.

FFA Map: Concrete no roof

Crew battle map: Concrete no roof

Match time: 15mins
Gamer tags: Off

5v5's Only!

Finaliest match is best out of 7

How to play:

WWLS will start with a free for all (FFA) on concrete. The FFA is the best players from all of the crews that come to a free for all to represent their crew and fight for where there crew will be seeded in the tournament.
Once the free for all is over, the crews will start the tournament. You will fight depending on which crew you got seeded with from the FFA.

WWLS rewards for the winner:
•A mention in Gtavcrew's facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
•Upload of the final battle to youtube
• Being considered the best auto-aim crew in GTA 5
•$20 Giftcards on any console to each crew member in the crew batttle

•Ar's only
•No Lester
•No helmets
•No roofs

Register below!

Crew title(Leader or commissioner):
Crew name:
FFA Nomination:

MF Khiro

Talking Troll
Crew Title: Leader (No Shit)
Crew Name: ll NEMECITAL ll
FFA Nom: My Self or o Provost o

My GT: ll Khiro ll
My Purpose: To show these new kittie Crews how the Original Crews Get it Done :)
My Directive:
Heads Up ill NEMECITAL ll is Back Bitches
And El Jefe just stepped back in the GAP for this tourney and for GRAND REOPENING ON NOV18th Original CMC is coming back Like the Co Founder Provost and several others will be returning so not only am I back in the Game but the rest of my Armada as well see the rest of you soon I will be on tomorrow night 9Pm Central Time Zone

And one more thing
It doesn't matter if we win the tournament or not because we all know that More than half of you won't be on my Radar anyway come Nov18th and the ones that can afford an Xbox One will most likely join me to dominate the new bloods that will form once GTA V Online goes Next Gen So no pressure on winning this to whoever is that hellbent on it anyway I wish you all the best of luck As if lucky helped any of us on here anyway
~Fear The ll NEMECITAL ll



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NOTICE: The FFA time this Saturday(Tomorrow) has been change to 4PM eastern to fit the UK and other Timezones.


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Hosts, where is the disqualification on camping I'm asking? This is not what we've been discussed. Keep your tournament clean.
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